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How to approach the investing landscape

When investing , it’s important to be aware of the political and economic climate, as well as any regulations or laws that may affect your investments. It is also important to diversify your investment portfolio – don't put all your eggs in one basket –and to keep currency fluctuations in mind.

It’s always a good idea to speak to a financial adviser who knows the investment markets.

What would you like to invest for?

No matter how big or small your financial goals are, our innovative investment solutions can make it easy for you to reach your dreams. Whether you’re investing your savings for your child’s education, a car, your next holiday or investing for retirement and growing your wealth, you can start today.


Whether you want to build your retirement money, preserve it when you change jobs or invest it to get an income during retirement, we have the investment solutions to suit your needs.

Children’s education

Give your children more options by putting away money for their education. With the load lifted, all they need to focus on is learning and their
bright future.

Emergency fund

Life happens. The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted how essential it is to prepare for unexpected financial expenses. Make sure that you have a safety net to meet life's little setbacks with an
emergency fund.

Grow your money

Manage and grow your money with a range of flexible local and offshore investment options. Build a financially stable and independent future for yourself and your loved ones with an investment portfolio that suits your needs.

Where on your life journey are you?

Want to save but don't know where and when to invest? Where you are in your life can guide you towards your most important financial goals, to grow your money and secure financial freedom. 
A financial adviser can help you with a practical plan to make 
this a reality.

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Starting your career

You're a young individual starting out in life and finally earning a living. The sooner you start saving and investing your money, the sooner you get a head start on living your dreams. It's the best time to set up that much-needed emergency fund so you have a financial safety net, save for your dream, start a tax-free savings account, and start investing for your retirement to take advantage of compound growth.

Toddler in blue dress looking out the window to symbolise looking ahead at the prospect of a bright financial future.

Starting a family

Making your family circle bigger costs money. Each family's journey is different, whether you need to save for your child's education, put money away for that family holiday or a bigger car through flexible investment options, or invest extra for a more comfortable retirement.

A long, vertical panelled window in a red concrete office building, showing a multi-story red brick building across the street.

Planning for your tomorrow

Everyone's journey is unique, but some goals, like a cushy retirement and growing your money, are important to everyone. Whether you're well on your way to financial success or need help to get on track, 
we've got the investment solutions for you.

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Investing after retirement

You've been preparing throughout your working life, and the time to enjoy your retirement is finally here. Avoid costly mistakes with your retirement savings and make sure your money continues to grow while you receive a regular retirement income.

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8 things to consider when investing for the first time

Do your research Research the companies or investments you’re considering to understand their financial health and potential for growth.
Diversify your portfolio By spreading your investments across different sectors and asset classes, you can reduce your investment risk.
Consider the economy Keep an eye on the overall economic climate wherever you invest, as well as any political or regulatory changes that could affect your investments.
Invest in a mix of assets Consider investing in a mix of asset classes such as shares, bonds, property, and cash to spread the risk and to balance your growth.
Consider the fees and charges Investigate the fees and charges that come with different investments, as these can eat into your investment growth over time.
Get professional advice Speak to a trusted financial adviser who can help guide you to choose the most suitable products.
Be prepared for volatility Markets can be volatile, so be prepared for fluctuations in the value of your investments.
Have a long-term perspective Approach investing with a long-term mindset. There’ll always be market fluctuations, but over the long term, the market has proven to be a good generator of wealth.

Need financial advice?

A financial adviser can help you with a financial plan to start your investment journey.

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