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A group of Momentum Metropolitan staff smiling and waving, and showing that momentum is in all of us.

We’re here for you on your journey to success

Momentum is in all of us. It’s an energy that propels us forward and moves us along our life’s journey. By partnering with us, we can help you achieve your dreams and goals by providing professional financial solutions and products to make your dreams a reality.

Who we are and
what we do

Momentum was established in 1966. Through strategic acquisitions and mergers, the company became known as Momentum in 1973 when Momentum Assurance Corporation was acquired.

Since then, we've been offering a secure future for you and your loved ones by providing financial advice, supported by innovative product solutions and excellent service to all our clients.

Our purpose

We want to help businesses and people from all walks of life achieve their lifetime goals and aspirations.

Our vision

To partner with you as your preferred and trusted insurer of choice.

Our values

We are driven by our commitment to our values. As a values-driven organisation they define how we do business and engage with our clients and internal stakeholders.

An illustration of a strong workplace community to represent company values.


We take ownership of our roles through our actions by being responsible and honouring our obligations to our clients and internal stakeholders.

An illustration of different hats representing diversity - a traditional African women's hat, a cowboy hat and a cap.


We are the first major insurance group in the industry to achieve a level 1 B-BBEE certificate with a workplace that promotes diversity and brings people from all walks of life.

An illustration of a trophy which represents business excellence.


We do everything excellently and deliver the highest standard of products, service and performance to all our stakeholders.

An illustration of a space rocket representing innovation.


We thrive on innovation by challenging ourselves to find better solutions, continuously improving our processes and growing our people.

An illustration of a compass representing the integrity and moral compass of a business.


We uphold integrity and live up to what we say, doing the right thing, being honest and treating all people with respect.

An illustration of four Momentum coffee paper cups represents the team support given to achieve excellence.


We support each other by listening, collaborating and respecting each other to achieve mutually beneficial results.

How we help you on your journey

Your journey to success means constantly moving forward – persevering to achieve your goals. When we know what’s important to you we can help you choose the right products to achieve your life aspirations.

A healthy family of 4 playing outside under trees in the sunshine knowing their healthcare needs are covered by a leading and affordable medical aid.

Medical aid to suit your needs

Get medical aid cover to match your needs and your budget packed with added benefits and monthly rewards.

A man with his son sitting in the boot of his insured SUV with a 30% cashback benefit.

Car and home insurance to cover the things you work so hard for

Protect your valuables from theft, loss and damage with our reliable short-term insurance. You can get a cashback bonus of up to 30%.

Happy family, where the mom and dad are playing with their daughter, who is sitting on her dad’s shoulders.

Life Insurance to protect you and your family

By taking out life cover, you can ensure that your loved ones are financially provided for should something happen to you. With life cover in place, you can rest easy knowing they'll be able to maintain their standard of living even if you're no longer here to look after them.

Curved, glass and steel exterior wall of modern high-rise office building against a blue sky backdrop

Investments and Savings that makes saving easy

Save enough for your goals and invest to grow your wealth with the help of our wide range of savings and investments solutions administered by a team with decades of knowledge and expertise.

A financial advisor and a client sitting at a table, going through financial planning documents.

Financial planning for peace of mind

Partner with our financial advisers to help you make informed decisions about your money in every stage of your personal and professional life – so you can reach success.

A futuristic, round, glass and steel office building with an abstract and asymmetric curved roof.

Retirement planning to secure your financial future

Maintain your current standard of living in your retirement by planning for your retirement today.

Happy, smiling woman employee wearing a red dress and holding her glasses, seated at her desk in a modern office.

Employee benefits to support employee welfare

Enabling corporate companies’ employees to invest in bespoke retirement annuities, with a range of benefits including disability, critical illness cover and life insurance.

Mom and Dad joyously laughing with their two young daughters while giving them piggyback rides.

What does your success look like?

Does success mean owning your own business? Does it mean being able to spend more time with family? Working less and earning more?

There’s no straight path to success. Life is a journey filled with twists and turns. You fill yourself up with life experiences - with moments that will lead you to your destination - your purpose in life.

In your constant pursuit of milestones, Momentum is here for you through it all. Here for your personal journey to success.

Need advice?

Get in touch with a financial adviser to partner with you on your journey to financial success.

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