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The entrance to the Momentum head office in Centurion.

Give your career momentum

Looking to make your next career move? Unleash your talent with industry leaders in the financial sector, and help us reimagine financial services through innovation and excellence.
Whether you're a graduate, looking to kickstart your career, we've got a graduate programme to get you started. Whether you're a rookie or seasoned financial adviser, a designer, tech junkie or savvy number cruncher - it takes diversity to drive innovation.

Who we are

We invest in our people by offering exceptional career prospects to skilled and talented individuals who share our values of diversity, integrity, accountability, innovation, teamwork and excellence. Always striving to remain ahead of the rest, our team enjoys continuous learning and development initiatives to help enhance their skills and knowledge.

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Our learning philosophy

Throughout their careers, our employees are afforded numerous opportunities to upgrade and enhance their skills, through ongoing learning and training opportunities. When joining our team, you determine the direction your career takes, as well as your growth prospects.

A man in jeans and a sweater, sitting on the grass outside, working on a laptop.

RPG Programming Academy

Our RPG Academy aims to address the shortage of relevant RPG programming skills in our economy, and add them to our talent pool. The main driver is sourcing and training new IT talent, while providing them with rewarding career opportunities. Our programme not only gives learners valuable work experience, they also gain knowledge and experience towards an internationally recognised, and much in demand, state of the art IBM programming language.

A young girl in her graduation gown walking among trees.

Actuarial bursary programme

The Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited Actuarial Bursary Programme encourages young professionals to reach their goals by providing financial aid and guidance to shape them into effective future leaders. Candidates are provided with the opportunity to take part in our leadership development programmes. If you've completed your actuarial degree and are interested in permanent employment, browse our vacancies to find your new dream career.

We're committed to youth development

We offer various programmes aimed at empowering youth with education and practical skills, through our bursary and graduate programmes.

CSI Youth Employment Programmes

Our social investment programmes focus on empowering youth, with the aim of placing them in sustainable positions, to provide for themselves, their families and communities. At Momentum, we're about enabling young people, on their journey to pursuing their future aspirations.

Our values

We are driven by our commitment to our values. As a values-driven organisation they define how we do business and engage with our clients and internal stakeholders.

Paper cut outs of some girls and boys.


We take ownership of our roles through our actions by being responsible and honouring our obligations to our clients and internal stakeholders.

Red and white cap, traditional Zulu hat and cowboy hat.


We embrace and promote diversity by creating a workplace that brings people from a variety of different experiences and backgrounds together.

A trophy with a star on its cup.


We do everything excellently and deliver the highest standard of products, service and performance to all our stakeholders.

A red and white rocket flying upwards at an angle.


We thrive on innovation by challenging ourselves to find better solutions, continuously improving our processes and growing our people.

A red and white compass.


We uphold integrity and live up to what we say, doing the right thing, being honest and treating all people with respect.

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We support each other by listening, collaborating and respecting each other to achieve mutually beneficial results.

Our services

Our range of services provides comprehensive financial solutions. Through our various product houses, we help individuals and businesses alike, build, protect and grow their wealth.

Investment and Savings

Whether a client needs investment growth, income, or capital preservation, Momentum provides access to customised local and international investment and retirement solutions for individuals and businesses.

Estate planning,
Wills and trusts

Specialised estate planning services, incorporating holistic estate planning to help clients preserve their wealth in a tax-efficient manner.

Car and home insurance

Our car and home insurance provides cover for clients’ valuable possessions and assets through affordable insurance, offering protection when clients experiences loss or damage to their personal belongings.

Commercial short-term

Comprehensive business insurance to cover various industries for a range of possible damages or disruptions to business.

Life Insurance

Myriad, our market-leading insurance product, provides cover in the event of death, disability or critical illness.

Retirement planning

A range of investment products, designed to cater for clients’ retirement investment needs, managed by leading fund managers.

Medical aid

From preventative screenings to savings on contributions, our health solutions give clients affordable medical aid options, tailored to their needs.

Employee benefits

Our FundsAtWork solutions ensure income continuation for employees in the event of unforeseen life events, like disability, retirement, or death.

Momentum Multiply

Momentum’s pioneering Multiply wellness and rewards programme helps clients to make better life choices, both physically and financially.

Enjoy a world of benefits

Continuous learning and skills development are what keep our employees on top of their game. From the moment you graduate, our graduate programmes will give you the skills and expertise needed to take your career to the next level. At Momentum, we will walk with you throughout your journey to personal development.

A doctor with his stethoscope around his neck, using his cell phone.

Free Hello Doctor

Get 24/7 telephonic access to qualified medical practitioners at the touch of a screen. With Hello Doctor you can request a call back and get free advice from a doctor within an hour. What's more, you enjoy the benefit of daily advice and health tips; and a free symptom checker to keep you on top of your health.

An employee consulting with a financial adviser while both view a laptop screen.

In-house financial advisers

As part of our team, you enjoy a one-on-one relationship, and free financial planning and advice from our in-house advisers, dedicated to helping you successfully navigate your journey to financial success.

A lady sitting on the floor in an isle of a library reading a book

Tax savings on education through Edusaver

As a Momentum employee you can contribute between R300 and R5,000 per month on your children and/or relatives education spend. To make the most of this tax saving benefit, simply register your beneficiaries. The education fees are reflected as a monthly pre-tax salary cost on your payslip, meaning that your monthly income tax is reduced, which will increase your overall monthly income after paying for educational expenses.

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