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Retirement funds – Trustee newsletter 2020

We are proud to share another Momentum Retail Retirement Fund Trustee newsletter with you. As a retirement fund member at Momentum you receive it yearly to let you know of any rule changes to the fund(s) that you’re a member of.

We also share a story of why it is important to stay invested, tell you more about your options at retirement, show you the available tax opportunities when investing in a retirement fund, and highlight the importance and value of financial advice.

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Will you be comfortable and financially secure in retirement?

A successful retirement means that you can maintain your standard of living, without financial assistance, and choosing the right annuity is a critical decision you need to make as you approach retirement.

A lady speaks to her Momentum financial adviser to find out more about the Section 14 transfer that will move her pension from one fund to another.

Can I move my money?

You need to ask important questions before taking the step of moving your retirement fund benefit. Make sure there are legitimate reasons to move your money and that it will be in your best interest to do so.

A newspaper article that explains what is likely to happen to investments durin COVID-19 worldwide pandemic.

Don’t panic! Stay invested

It is human nature to make the wrong decisions when it comes to your investments during times of crisis. Let’s take three friends, all aged 30 years, as an example of what to do, and a cautionary tale of what not to do when it comes to investing.

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The value of financial advice

A financial adviser can make a huge difference in your financial future. A financial adviser can help you meet the challenges you might face when it involves your money and help you stay focused and on track to achieve all of your financial goals.

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Don’t avoid tax – avoid paying too much of it

With a few smart moves, you can be tax-savvy and benefit from tax incentives, especially when planning for retirement. In the process, you can also improve the probability of achieving your investment goals.

A young muscular man with a beard and glasses, sits on his couch completing his will.

Who will get your money when you die?

When last did you check who you nominated as beneficiaries to receive your retirement fund benefit when you pass away? You can make sure your family is taken care of when you are no longer here by updating your information at least yearly. We show you how.

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