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Retirement funds – Trustee newsletter 2018

We’re proud to share another trustee newsletter with you. As a member of a Momentum Retail Retirement Fund, you will receive it every year.

We also share interesting facts about tax, give tips for your retirement planning, and even remind you to update your beneficiaries.

Get tax savvy before February 2019

We all feel that we pay too much tax. Luckily there are clever ways to use tax breaks to your advantage, and the best thing is that it’s legal. You can maximise your tax benefits before 28 February 2019.

Goodbye retirement, hello rewirement

In years gone by, people used to work, regardless of their age, until they no longer physically could. The human race is living longer than ever before. Is retiring at 65 still viable or is rewirement the answer?

Beneficiary Who?

A beneficiary is a person that you nominate to receive all or a percentage of the money from your policies or funds when you pass away. Can you remember who you listed as the beneficiary for every product that you own, and why should you care?

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