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An independent financial adviser with a subcode to practice with Momentum, sitting with their client and giving them financial advice for success.

Independent financial advisers

You look after your clients; we look after you! We enable you and your clients to achieve all your financial goals and life aspirations. We offer comprehensive support, solutions, and technological innovations to make it happen. Freeing you up to do what you do best – giving the best advice so your clients can experience a lifetime of financial wellness.

We believe this requires a meaningful partnership. One where we demonstrate our commitment to you by facilitating the best possible client experience through our specialist skills and core competencies.

We're invested in your success. Together, we can build the roadmap for your journey to success by providing you with everything you need to succeed so you can do the same for your clients.

We believe in meaningful partnerships

Our unique specialist distribution model offers consultant support tailored to your needs. Our focus on digital solutions gives your practice a technological edge, streamlining your workflow and giving you a competitive advantage.

Specialist knowledge so you can provide specialist advice Tailored business consultant support, as well as assistance from our team of legal advisers whenever you need it.
Comprehensive support for your business You have access to central product support and a local-based administration support team.
Training and development opportunities Access a range of product-specific, CPD-accredited 6 courses and receive CPD-accredited newsletters in your inbox for easy annual reporting on CPD activities. Our Intermediary Programme offers training and mentorship from industry-leading coaches.
Financial planning tools and digital solutions We help you develop your clients' financial plans, streamline your workflow, and give you a competitive edge.
Access to innovative, comprehensive content Get CPD-accredited thought leadership content. Connect with the best minds in the industry on Access innovative knowledge tools on a secure intermediary workspace, VIA.
Access to practice management support We help you address the challenges of staying truly independent through our partnership offering, Adviser Partnerships, that includes customised practice management on a centralised digital platform.

Introducing Adviser Partnerships: your brand, your identity, your way!

Adviser Partnerships is a division of Momentum and the centre of independence and entrepreneurial growth.

A female financial planner consulting with a Momentum Financial Planning client on their suite of financial products and solutions.

  • All the benefits of a fully supported firm without losing your independence.
  • Full support without compromising your vision, philosophy, or brand – regardless of what business you write.
  • Access to a team of dedicated specialists facilitating each aspect of your practice, helping you grow, and freeing you up to give the best comprehensive advice for your client.

Apply for a Momentum code as an independent financial adviser

Our dedicated team of specialists is on-hand to make the process of applying for a code with us as hassle-free as possible.

You can apply for an advisory code as an FSP or a subcode as a financial adviser at an FSP that already has a code with us. Once you have applied for a code, a Regional Manager in your area will contact you to understand your needs.

Sub-code advisory application form

You and your Key Individual need to sign this form before submitting it to us.
Send your completed documents to: [email protected]. You will need to submit your ID and valid proof of address.

See section 1.2 of Form E for acceptable documents. Incomplete applications or incorrect supporting documents can delay the activation of your advisory code.

Momentum Intermediary Programme

Our adviser coaching and training programmes aim to facilitate future- proofing advice practices through:

  • Upskilling and technical proficiency.
  • Adopting a mindset change to financial coaching.
  • Business development (practice management, financial management, technology and governance).
  • Access to markets and business expansion support.

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