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Flexible Tax-free Option

When you save, and invest your savings money regularly and consistently, you can enjoy the lifestyle you want. With a tax-free investment, the money you invest can grow tax-free. You pay no income tax, no tax on dividends, and no capital gains tax. This means that your money can grow faster than many other types of investments where you must pay taxes.

You can use it as part of your overall financial plan to invest towards any long-term goal that is important to you, like boosting your retirement savings so that you have enough money to retire comfortably one day.

Minimum investment

A lump sum of R15 000. A regular debit order of R500 per month.


Invest up to R36 000 every year tax-free every year. R500 000 in total over your lifetime. You can nominate beneficiaries to get the proceeds when you die.

Investment period

The benefit becomes more meaningful the longer you stay invested.

How can the Flexible Tax-free Option help you?

You can invest for a goal and benefit from not having your investment taxed. If you leave it to grow for as long as possible, you'll benefit from compound growth.

The opportunity to invest tax-free every year almost lends itself to a built-in discipline to save and invest for the long term.

You choose how you would like to invest, and the most suitable investment solutions to achieve your goal.

Is it for you?

You want to save and invest over the long term.
You don't want to be taxed on your savings.
You want to invest a lump sum or a regular amount.

When is it not for you?

The product structure isn't suitable if you need access to your money from time to time.

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Frequently asked questions

Who can invest?

Individual investors with a South African identity document.

Which investment solutions can I choose?

Only certain investment solutions are available for a tax-free investment. Your financial adviser will help you choose the most suitable investment solutions.

Can I invest more?

Yes, but within the legislated limits (currently R36 000 every year and R500 000 in total over your lifetime).

Can I make changes?

Yes, you can choose other available investment solutions if your needs change and you can change your beneficiaries.

Can I withdraw?

Yes, but the benefit becomes more meaningful the longer you stay invested.

Can I cancel my investment?

Yes, subject to certain rules set out in the terms. You could get back less than what you have invested.

Need financial advice?

A financial adviser can help you with financial and investment planning on your journey to success.

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