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The Momentum Money Visa card alongside a smartphone displaying the Momentum Money App dashboard, with the latest savings interest rate displayed on the image.

Momentum Money

Say hello to a digital savings account that helps you save and grow your money at a competitive interest rate of 8.84% per annum (Ts & Cs apply).

Use the Savings Wallet to maximise your savings and get instant access to your money whenever you need it.
It’s simple, smart and convenient.

  • Earn interest from the first rand.
  • Save what you can, when you can.
  • Access your money instantly with no penalties.

Save efficiently and spend conveniently

Save money and earn interest

The money in your Savings Wallet is invested in the Momentum Money Market Fund at a competitive interest rate.

Immediately access your savings account

It's super easy to access your money immediately without any notice periods and withdrawal penalties.

Swipe to pay with your Momentum Money card

Swipe your card online and in-store anywhere in South Africa. Use the Momentum Money App to Scan to Pay and send money.

How does Momentum Money work?

Momentum Money is a digital saving account offering a compelling interest rate from the first rand you save, with instant access to your money when you need it. There’s no minimum deposits, so you can kickstart your savings journey with any amount.

Illustration of man with an afro standing in front of an open door.

Easily open an account

We only require your full name, ID number and cell phone number to open your Momentum Money Digital Savings Account.

Illustration of person tossing balls into a ‘savings’ jar, with a thought bubble depicting a flag atop the apex of a mountain to symbolize a goal achieved.

Set your savings goals

Via the Momentum Money App, name your savings goal, set the time frame in which you’d like to achieve it, and track how much you need to save each month.

Illustration of a person holding a magnifier to a fee document to read the finer print.

Minimal fees

There’s no monthly fees on your account. An annual 1.4% admin fee applies. The higher your balance, the lower the admin fee. View our fee structure.

How do you use Momentum Money?

Momentum Money makes saving more and spending smartly a way of life. It's made up of a Digital Savings Wallet and a Payment Wallet that work together to bring you the best of both worlds.

A woman seated at a desk as she writes down her savings goals in a notebook with her laptop in front.
A woman seated at a desk as she writes down her savings goals in a notebook with her laptop in front.

Your Digital Savings Wallet

How do I earn interest?

Make a deposit from your main bank account into your Momentum Money Digital Savings Account. Transfer the money from your Payment Wallet into your Savings Wallet and start earning interest!

A transaction taking place by way of a phone tapping on a POS machine to make payment, just like how Momentum Money clients are able to.
A transaction taking place by way of a phone tapping on a POS machine to make payment, just like how Momentum Money clients are able to.

Your Payment Wallet

How do I access my savings?

Transfer money from your Savings Wallet into your Payment Wallet to spend it. You can use the App to make payments via Scan to Pay at selected retail partners or send money to other people who also have Momentum Money.

Momentum Money FAQs

Find all the answers you need in our frequently asked questions section.

Where do I find my account details to make deposits?

Click "Add money" on the Momentum Money App to see your account details. Your deposits will be reflected in your Payment Wallet. Remember to transfer money to your Savings Wallet to start earning interest.
Why do my Momentum Money account details say Sasfin?

We have partnered with Sasfin Bank to allow you to deposit money into your Momentum Money Payment Wallet.
After making a deposit, when will I start earning interest?

The money you deposit will reflect in your Payment Wallet. Simply transfer money to your Savings Wallet to start earning interest daily.
How can I access funds in my Momentum Money?

You can swipe your Momentum Money Visa card online and in-store countrywide. You can also make cardless payments via Scan to Pay at participating retailers, and send money to other people with Momentum Money.


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Momentum Money

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