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Flexible Endowment Option

You want to invest your money to achieve your goals. You also want to adapt your investment to what you need and how much risk you can handle. And you want the freedom to keep adapting if your circumstances change. You choose how long you want to invest to suit your need and choose the investment solutions that can help you achieve your goal. Whatever legacy you want to leave, you want to tailor it your way.

You invest so that you have enough for your needs on your journey to success. We know your journey is unique – you may want to invest in your children’s education, a dream holiday, or a nest egg for starting your own thing.

Minimum investment

A lump sum of R50 000.
A regular debit order of R1 000 per month.


Tax-efficient growth potential.
Estate planning benefits.
Compound growth.

Investment period

You decide, but there are restrictions during the first five years and any subsequent restriction period when you invest more.

How can the Flexible Endowment Option help you?

It gives you the opportunity to enjoy tax-efficient growth potential if you are in a higher income tax bracket.

You choose how you would like to invest, and the most suitable investment solutions to help you achieve your goal.

Is it for you?

You want to Invest a lump sum or a regular amount.
You would like to save tax for a higher income tax bracket.
You want to nominate a beneficiary for proceeds or of ownership.

When is it not for you?

You need access to all your money during the first 5 years.
Invest only if you are comfortable that you can only access your money twice during the first 5 years.

Frequently asked

Who can invest?

Individual investors, trusts, companies, close corporations, and non-taxable entities.

Which investment solutions can I choose?

  • Our flagship range of local and offshore unit trusts.

  • Other investment solutions managed by Equilibrium, Momentum Outcome-based Solutions, Momentum Asset Management and Momentum Securities.

  • Unit trusts and investment solutions from other investment managers.

Your financial adviser will help you choose the most suitable investment solutions.

Can I invest more?

Yes, but it could mean a new period during which you will have restricted access to your money if you invest more than the amount allowed according to legislation.

Can I make changes?

  • Yes, you can choose other investment solutions if your needs change.

  • Yes, you can change your beneficiaries.

Can I withdraw?

  • Yes, once during any restriction period. The amount is limited to your initial investment plus 5% growth a year.

  • Full access after a restriction period has expired.

Can I borrow from my investment?

Yes, once during the first 5 years.

Can I cancel my investment?

Yes, subject to certain rules set out in the terms. You could get back less than what you have invested.

Need financial advice?

A financial adviser can help you with a financial plan to start your investment journey.

Contact us

Local investing: Momentum Wealth

Office hours are Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00.

Offshore investing: Momentum Wealth International

Office hours are Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:00 (Central Africa Time). Unavailable on weekends.

Unit trusts

Office hours are Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00.

Institutional investing

Office hours are Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00.

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