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Disability Benefits

An unexpected and life-changing disability can have a serious impact on an employee and their family. They may not receive an income if they are unable to work, or struggle to get by on a smaller income if forced to change to a less strenuous and lower-paying job.

  • Receive the care they need to get back to work.
  • Affordable disability insurance to suit your employees’ needs.
  • Financial security for the employee and their family.

We offer three main income disability products

Disability cover to suit the unique needs of your employees and what you can afford.

Income Disability Benefit

Income Disability Benefit based on the employee’s gross insurance salary.

  • Monthly income

Disability 2.0

Income Disability Benefit based on the employee’s estimated net insurance salary, and optional additional benefits.

  • Monthly income
  • Lump sum benefit available
  • Critical illness top-up
  • Travel assistance

Essential Disability Benefit

Temporary Income Disability Benefit and Lump Sum Disability Benefit, and optional additional benefits.

  • Monthly income for fixed period
  • Lump sum benefit at the end of the fixed period
  • Critical illness top-up
  • Travel assistance

Disability benefit terms and conditions

Group disability benefits offered by your employer help protect your financial future and give you peace of mind if a traumatic life event prevents you from earning an income. But, as with all insurance policies, there are some terms and conditions you should know.

Group Insurance Disability Benefits

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Disability 2.0

Disability 2.0 is a revolutionary solution that better meets our clients’ needs. It is more affordable and benefits are relative to employees’ net income.

Disability 2.0 brochure Cash Assistance Benefit brochure Disability 2.0 technical guide Essential Disability Benefit Point-to-point Transport Service

A male with a left prosthetic leg claps his hands to dust off the excess powder in preparation to pick up a heavy kettle bell weight.

Income Disability Benefit

It pays a monthly amount to the disabled employee, which is essential while they are unable to work and earn an income.

Cash Assistance Benefit brochure (pdf) Income Disability Benefit brochure (pdf) What you need to know about your disability benefit (pdf)

A young lady holding a white board marker sitting in a wheelchair chatting to her students in the class she is teaching.

Lump Sum Disability Benefit

It pays a single amount when an employee is totally and permanently disabled.

Lump Sum Disability Benefit brochure

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Riskflex Benefit
(Lump Sum Disability)

Employees can increase or decrease their level of cover for the Lump Sum Disability Benefit to suit their personal circumstances.

Riskflex Benefit brochure

A young female teacher in a wheelchair using a white board marker to expalin a concept to her students in her class.

Temporary Income Disability Benefit

A short-term solution that pays a monthly income to a disabled employee for a specified number of months.

Temporary Income Disability Benefit brochure

A middle-aged lady with a prosthetic limb sitting around a conference table in a meeting with her colleagues.

Accidental Disability Benefit

This benefit is paid when your employee loses a part of their body or the use of a part of their body as a result of an accident.

Accidental Disability Benefit brochure What you need to know about your accidental disability benefit (pdf)

A man in a wheelchair sitting in an informal area chatting with a group of friends.

Functional Disability Benefit

A pre-defined table is used to measure the employee’s level of disability objectively.

Functional Disability Benefit brochure

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Other Group Insurance Benefits

Illness Benefits

If an employee is diagnosed with a critical illness or hospitalised, we help them cover potentially overwhelming expenses and lifestyle adjustments.

Death Benefits

We provide financial assistance to your employees and their families if they or one of their family members passes away.

Cover for loans

The benefit protects members and their families by assisting with the repayment of outstanding loan amounts following death, disability, or critical illness.

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